Millions peoples in the world are living with limited resources of water. Most of the countries ground water extracted through water pumps you can say electric pumps which use fuel or diesel for this purpose. As we know that this system required more money and as well as servicing of electric pump purchasing the fuel and diesel and it also cause polluting the world and atmosphere. Then solar water pumps introduced in the market which don’t need electricity to run. This system has just simple structure and consists of solar panel, water pumps, control electronics and tubes. Most of the solar water pumps don’t use batteries. Solar water pumps in Dubai are common. This particularly holds true for JA Solar Dubai.

Select the right solar water pumps:

Different water pumps are used for different applications. Actually water level decides that which water pump should be use. There are basically two types of water pumps.

Submersible water pump: these pumps used for lift the water from the depth approximately 700 feet. Surface water pumps: these pumps can be used for pump surface almost 10-20 feet deep.

Select the solar panel:

Best way to find out the right solar panel is to evaluate the amount of water per day. How many gallons you on daily basis? That will decide that what solar panle could be good for you.

The manufacturer pumps will give you the information about the pumps that what number of watts would be required for the pumps. After getting the information you will decide that what type of pump you need to buy and how much it needs watt to run this pump. Then you will choose the right solar panel which will provide the required watt for your pump. If you want to increase the water pump volume you can install tracking system on solar panel, which can increase your output up to 30%. 

After research of many years and after advancing the technology, it has been proved that it is sustainable financially, environmentally, operationally. Recently cost of solar panel has reduced up to 80 %. These things made it so viable in the market because it is the best source to save electric energy. Most of the developing countries are using these solar water pumps. And it is good for the environment and for atmosphere. Because our world is polluting day by day and it is good alternative in this purpose.

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