The basics of planning an event

The basics of planning an event

Thinking about having an event is not a difficult thing but organizing an event and making all of your guests happy with the event, is the main thing which is very difficult and you have to achieve that. You may get the assistance of any of the event management companies in Dubai and they will help you out at every step of your event. If you want to start your own company then you need to hire team building companies in Dubai and they will help you in building up a good team. If you are going to organize your own event without the help of any professional then you need to read this first and know about the 5 W’s of an event:

Why? You need to ask from yourself that why you are going to organize an event. Is it a birthday party or any business event, both of these have entirely different purpose behind organizing that event.

Who? You need to see that who will attend the event that you are going to organize. If that I an office event then you will have to invite guests according to that and send invitation to your business partners or workers. If you are going to hold a birthday or any other occasion party then you will need to invite your relatives and friend in that. Sometimes you need to narrow down your relatives too according to the type of event.

When? It is necessary that you will decide a time and date exactly when you need to throw that party or start your event. You need to mention that on your invitation cards too so that your guests will know about it and they will not get confused.

Where? You need to decide the venue carefully that matches to your event and the number of your guests. If you are going to invite 50 guests and you take the place which is suitable for 1000 people then you will have to pay extra amount which will be of no use and you need to decorate the entire area too. What? You need to decide that what will be going to happen in that event. It should be according

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