Gastric Balloons – An Overview

Gastric Balloons - An Overview

A gastric balloon, sometimes called an inflatable stomach or an intragastric band, is an inflated medical device that’s usually quickly and easily put into the abdomen to assist in weight loss. It’s designed to assist give up weight quickly and without diet and/or exercise if diet and/or exercise are not desired or necessary for the patient. Gastric balloons are a lot like the so-called miracle bands used for weight loss (used by body builders and professional athletes), and it’s a great way to try out something new without actually having to change your eating habits significantly. Many people often wonder how these things work, and why it is so effective. This article will explain how the gastric band works.

A gastric balloon Dubai is basically a slim ring made of a silicone-based material that fits snugly into a pocket located on the inside of your stomach. It’s inserted via an incision in the abdomen via a procedure called endoscopy. The process doesn’t require too much extra time, as opposed to typical bariatric surgery, since the procedure can be done in a few hours time. The reason for inserting it through the abdominal cavity via endoscopy, rather than through the mouth, is because this method guarantees that the surgeon can see what’s going on at any point during the procedure. In order to accomplish this, the doctor has to make an incision within the belly button area, via your navel, for example.

Once an elipse balloon Dubai has been inserted via an endoscopy process, the surgeon then seals it up using a small amount of anesthetic cream. He or she may also use some general anesthesia in order to numb the area, but will most likely avoid doing so in this case, since this isn’t a common practice. Once this is complete, the doctor leaves the incisions intact and continues with the other steps of the procedure. For the next several hours, you’re going to be sedated and gently guided into a three-way breathing pattern. You’ll also have to avoid any type of strenuous activity or any food or liquids until the stitches are removed and the gastric balloons have been removed.

When it comes to recovery, it typically takes between one and six months before you can return to your regular activities, whether they’re just light exercises or full-fledged activities such as running. You’ll also be required to take a dietary supplement until the stitches come out, so be sure to ask your surgeon about this, as well as about the percentage of protein and fiber you should incorporate into your diet. You’ll also need to undergo a significant lifestyle change for the first few months afterward, although this varies depending on your age and overall health. For example, gastric balloon patients almost always have to undergo a strict diet plan, in order to keep the condition at bay.

As with any surgery, gastric balloon procedures aren’t without risks. Some people may experience bleeding or other complications, although it tends to be minimal in most cases. For those people whose health or BMI is already at an acceptable level, the procedure may also be beneficial. Otherwise, it’s definitely something you’ll want to check into prior to undergoing the procedure.

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