Warning signs to watch out for when choosing an immigration consultant

Warning signs to watch out for when choosing an immigration consultant


Fraud is the biggest and unavoidable problem in immigration field. When selecting an immigration lawyer to present your case, ensure that you do not fall prey to any of these misleading techniques. Great immigration attorneys will not make pledges about results or be too excited to take your case. They do not pretend to be a superhero. Continue reading to discover 5 warnings signs to watch out for when employing an immigration lawyer.

Avoid someone who is too eager to take your case

If a Canada PR consultant in Delhi accepts your case over the phone without understanding all of the details, you might have encountered a bad legal representative. Immigration lawyers are not sales representatives, if they sound like one making promises about the results, this is not the right person for you.

One who assures 100 % success is a scam

We all have the concern about positive outcomes, we want to hire the best consultant in town to increase the probability of our success; however, no one can guarantee visa and immigration in any country. One who makes assurances about the result of your case is just a liar and cannot be relied on. A lawyer can only guarantee the quality of the work and his dedication to you.

No issue, is a real issue!

To obtain long-term residency overseas, there are certain requirements like a relative or an organization that can sponsor you. If your lawyer out of all odds states that there’s no issue, and you can still get the immigration, it’s a lie. The visa agent in Delhi will aim to submit an incorrect asylum claim for you which might work initially, and you might get a work license. But you will ultimately wind up in deportation for scams.

Finding you lawyer after you have hired him

If you have contacted an immigration firm and hired a lawyer there in, you ought to have access to and contact with him frequently. However, if you are every time trying to locate him here and there, wandering from one attorney to a paralegal staff, and then to another legal representative, this is a bad sign. The law office seems messy, chaotic, or depicts that there is high turnover in the company which is not a good sign.

If it’s all about money, pull back 

If a lawyer is too quick at asking for cash, he is a fraud. Other than for a preliminary assessment charge, a lawyer should never request for initial payment. A great lawyer would plan and device a strategy as to how would things work and when will payments be required upon your consent. Thus, it is very important that you meet with numerous immigration attorneys to discover the best one for your case.