Pros and Cons of International Relocation


The main aim of international relocation advantages is to assist an international employee to compensate for the increased costs associated with relocating to a new foreign posting even when that posting will last over 12 months. Other costs associated with relocating to another country include accommodation charges and food costs. The employee will also have to pay social security fees and taxes if he or she lives in the receiving country. In addition, the employee will lose the earned salary during the time of employment. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages of international relocation that both the employer and employee should consider before making the decision.

Advantages of international relocation

One of the main advantages of international relocation in Dubai is the ability to freely travel to another country. The employee can enjoy the perks of the job such as paid holidays, paid leave, good health, and accident insurance, paid maternity leave, pandits, paid transfer expenses, tax deferment, and the like without having to worry about paying the cost of relocating to another country. Aside from this, there are no restrictions when it comes to working overseas, and international relocation will not affect your current domestic salary and will not trigger any loss of accrued holiday pay until the entire 12-month posting is over

Another main advantage of international relocation is the ease of getting an international job. Since most companies prefer to hire ex-pats who have already established their businesses, ex-pats have more opportunities available to them compared to domestic ex-pats. In addition to this, most employers prefer to hire ex-pats with the qualifications related to their job. 

Disadvantages of international relocation

Despite the many advantages and disadvantages of hiring international relocation services in Dubai, some people will always choose it over domestic relocation. Among the major pros of going international include the opportunity to relocate anywhere, you want within the world. Aside from this, some international locations will allow you to take advantage of other countries’ local cultures and lifestyles. Moreover, there are no restrictions when it comes to working abroad, and international relocation will not affect your domestic salary anymore compared to losing it due to an accident or being fired due to misbehavior.

The disadvantages of international relocation also exist. One of these disadvantages is the cost of moving overseas. International relocations require you to finance your transportation and lodging in another country. This cost can be quite costly especially if you will need a bigger amount of money to finance your move.