How To Start A Free Zone In Sharjah

How To Start A Free Zone In Sharjah


There are 40 multidisciplinary free zones in the United Arab Emirates, and Sharjah freezone SPC is considered one of the most demanding free zone. These free zones are owned by foreign investors and expatriates, providing a highly efficient infrastructure. These zones facilitate efficient workflows, save considerable time, and foster innovation. Learn more about free zones in Sharjah. The free zones are ideal for both entrepreneurs and investors. 

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone:

If you’re looking to start your business in the UAE, Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF) offers an ideal location and a diversified business environment. Its proximity to the airport makes it easy to manage your supply chain. Furthermore, the zone is home to some of the world’s leading companies. The advantages of SAIF for new businesses are many. 

Fujairah Creative City:

The creative free zone in Fujairah is dedicated to media, entertainment, communications, consulting, and education. The business community will be able to tap into state of the art in these areas. The new development opens its doors to new and existing businesses. It is located on 40,000 square meters of land, which is earmarked for business activities. The free zone will also complement existing media clusters in the region and promote creative and technical industries.

Ajman Media City Free Zone:

The Ajman Media City Free Zone in SharJah facilitates the formation of holding companies that control a range of assets such as real estate, trademarks, patents, and shares. Setting up a holding company in the city is simple and takes less than 24 hours. No capital requirements exist to set up a business in this free zone. Furthermore, a company can incorporate multiple business activities under one license.

Masdar City Free Zone:

In addition to offering complete business set-up services, Masdar City also features a One-Stop-Shop for licensing, registration, and leasing needs. This one-stop shop offers various business support services to suit every client’s unique needs. Companies can take advantage of translation services, office fit-out, and reception services. They can also access utilities on-site and take advantage of a wide range of licensing tariff options. For those interested in green energy, the Masdar City Freezone is an excellent location to set up shop. With no restrictions on capital and profits, companies can easily tap into the rapidly-growing MENA and Asian markets.