How Regular Audi Service Can Help Save Money

How Regular Audi Service Can Help Save Money


The main thing that is a big no-no when it comes to opting for an Audi service in Dubai is misreading the fine print on the sales receipt. There are many things that an average person would miss, but there are also many small details that can have an impact on your car’s service history. We are going to discuss today some of these important details so you don’t get taken advantage of.

If you buy from a dealership, or any dealer for that matter, the Audi Service and Parts will always come as a scheduled maintenance visit. So there is no way that you’re getting away with unscheduled maintenance visits. This is a direct result of the dealership’s desire to make money. If they didn’t make money by selling cars, they sure do now by pushing the scheduled maintenance visits so that more of their cars are going to get fixed at the same time. It just makes sense.

However, if you buy directly from a private owner, then there is no such compelling reason why they would push this. That’s because it’s their car, and they want to see that the car performs well and stays in good shape. If they have used a car for a couple of years and haven’t had to schedule maintenance visits, they will have a much longer list of things that need to be done. And if they’ve had to schedule maintenance visits for several years, they probably have a pretty detailed list of what needs to be done.

So, when your oil change arrives and you must get it done on time, rather than a weekend away, get the oil change and schedule your Audi Service due to coincide with your next service due. Just make sure you get it scheduled during the week, and don’t forget to include your safety inspection, warranty renewal, and tire rotation.

For most drivers, there isn’t a time that their car should go more than a couple of months without a service. Some drivers will forgo regular maintenance visits for fear that they will be seen as a risk to insurers, but if you perform maintenance on your car, you will quickly see that insurers are often willing to overlook just a couple of hundred miles or one hundred thousand-mile delay in maintenance due to your driving habits!

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