Challenges Faced by a Mystery Shopper

Challenges Faced by a Mystery Shopper


According to the best mystery shopper in Dubai, the one who think that the mystery shopper is no job, then they should once become one and see what the work is like. As the work is a lot. You will be shocked to there are actual job responsibilities of a mystery shopper like making reports, giving reviews that matter, guiding the shop owners, staying away from fraud companies and much more. Like all the jobs in the world, this one has its own kinds of challenges. But we don’t want to scare you by stating the challenges first – you should know that there are different benefits of being one.

Like the money is good, you get a lot of free stuff, you make good reputation in the market, you can train the shop owners and if you are really good at your work, you can be hired by the best auditing companies and also do employee feedback survey. It is a good job and there is no degree of being one but like we said before, there are some challenges – we have mentioned these challenges below.

The first issue is that it takes time to become one. You need to have information about different brands and services – and while you are interviewed and you get one information wrong about a brand, you will lose your credibility.  It takes a lot of time to make a good reputation among different companies and even with the audit firms.

There will be times when you will be doing the mystery shopping for free just to increase your worth and make your name.The next issue is giving reviews. If the companies pay you well, they will require a brief review about their product or service that is sold by different shops.

There are companies who don’t give travel facilities and at times, the shops are far away and you have to compensate the travel expenses in the money that you are given.If you are a new mystery shopper, then you will have a hard time making reports and preparing paper work. This is demanded by the company who you are working on contract basis or on salaried basis. The final issue is that it is not a temporary job – it is seasonal work.